Autodesk Revit | 2019 Workshop

Course Coordinator: John Stack Ross
Instructors:  Andrei Ducu Predescu, Anton Johansson, Gediminas Kirdeikis, Katre Laura

Shibaura House – Kazuyo Sejima


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Note: You should work in groups of 2 or 3 for the workshop.

All software tutorials will be in A:1136 Ateljé.

Task 1: Choose site and set up a central file

In groups of 2 or 3, choose one of the three sites in Lund that are listed in the course pdf. Import the dwg drawing of your site (dwg files are provided in the course folder on the school server).

Set up a central file using the Collaborate function in Revit so the whole group work together in one file (the Collaborate function is explained in class as well as in one of the tutorial PDFs).

Divide the site into two or three “slices” (depending on the number of group members) so that every group member gets one part of the site to work with.

Task 2: Design a house for your client

Individually, choose one of the three clients listed in the course PDF. Each group member should choose a different client. Working individually, use Revit to model a building that fulfills the client’s requirements. The building should have several floors and contain elements such as slabs, stairs, doors, windows, furniture etc. See “References” section below to get inspiration.

ANH House | Sanuki + Nishizawa


 Task 3: Connect the houses

Each student will design one narrow house. However, the clients ask you and your team to connect the separate houses so that they form one large house together.  The clients might need this in the future, they say. You need to answer the following questions:

  • How can the houses be connected so that they work well both individually and together? Where should the connecting doors be located?
  • How can the facades of the individual houses be designed to make the whole building look good?

Material to produce (individually)

  • 1 Longitudinal section that describes your client’s house well.
  • Plans of all floors. You will be responsible for the drawings of your client’s house but all plan drawings will be put together for the review.

Material to produce (group)

  • Plan drawings of all important floors.
  • 1 Elevation. The elevation should include the neighbouring houses. Elevation drawings (.tif) of existing buildings are available in the course folder on the school server.
  • 1 Exterior visualization. Choose your method: Revit line drawing/Revit Render/Export model to render in Vray for Rhino.

Note: All final work to be handed in as a single PDF file for each group. The work will be projected and reviewed Friday January 25th. Please use appropriate PDF settings for line work / drawings to be digitally projected. Renderings should be at a resolution appropriate for projecting.

A3 Templates

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