Spaces of Light | Spring 2019

Course Coordinator: John Stack Ross
Instructors: Anton Johansson, Elin Daun, Gediminas Kirdeikis, Olga Voišnis


Drawing Techniques

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Note: You should work individually or in groups of 2 for the workshop.

Task 1: Sketch out a Friggebod-esque house by hand

Individually or in groups of 2, on paper, design and sketch out a small house.

  • For individual students – the house should incorporate a compact cooking space, eating+working space and a sleeping space. The overall floor area shouldn’t exceed 15 sq.m.
  • For groups with 2 members – the house should incorporate a compact cooking space, eating+working space, a sleeping space and a bathroom. The overall floor area shouldn’t exceed 20 sq.m.

All groups should prepare plan and section drawings showing main dimensions and an axonometric drawing showcasing the volume. The hand drawings for plans and sections should be drawn in 1:50 scale with the detailing of 1:100 scale.


Imagining the House, Wang Shu

Task 2: Rationalize the design in AutoCAD

Once the design sketching phase is complete, recreate the house in AutoCad. Use a scanner or a high resolution camera to digitize your plan, section and axonometry drawings. Then import these drawings into AutoCad and use them as reference.

AutoCAD drawings should have furniture, hatches, dimensions and section line mark’ups shown.

For final presentation, you will use the A3 sized templates provided below. Students will present both – the hand sketches and the AutoCad drawings.

A3 Templates

Presentation Template PDF – Individual
Presentation Template PDF – 2 Person Group


Neufert’s book

Architectural Graphics by Francis D. K. Ching
Imagining the House, Wang Shu
House VI, Peter Eisenman
Dogma Architects
Arkitektens Handbook, Anders Bodin et al

Drawing Techniques PDF
Basic AutoCad command list